CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Principal Geoff Rhodes says the death of 56-year-old Mary Sue Benson still weighs heavy on the minds of students and faculty at Battlefield Primary Elementary School.

"If you are cafeteria staff or a teacher that knew of her, it just hit everyone pretty hard," he says.

Benson worked in the cafeteria for 8-years, before she and her mother, 77-year-old Charlotte Johnson, died at the hands of a gunman who walked into Hutchenson.

According to Catoosa County School records, Mary Sue was a good worker with stellar attendance.

Rhodes says, "There were no indications anything like this would happen. She was a very quiet, caring loving person."

The only hint of any conflict between Mary and James Benson dates back to 2007.

Channel 3 obtained school records that show James told Mary co-worker to not speak to her while the three were in the parking lot.

An administrator told James Benson he needed to go through the office before talking to an employee at work.

That is school policy.

Rhodes says there was nothing else that showed any signs of abuse, physically or mentally.

"Whenever a life is lost you want to be able to do more to prevent this from happening, but in this case, I can't think of anything we could have done."

Now a single ribbon sits outside of the school where Benson worked.

Rhodes says it's a reminder to cherish life's moments.

"What's important are people and taking care of them and we miss her."

We checked with surrounding school districts for any reports on James Benson and both Walker and Chattooga say they have no records.

We do know Mary Sue's journal was turned over to the GBI.

We talked with family who say they will have a private burial at a later date.