(WRCB) -- Court evidence is coming easier for jurors to understand. Now that they can actually "visit" the crime scene. A new tool allows investigators to take jurors inside the crime scene. So they can see the evidence for themselves.

It's the very latest in crime scene investigation technology, and to be frank as the GBI says it's downright cool.

"Putting the lingo aside, it's awesome. I mean it's awesome," said GBI Forensic Specialist Mathew Daniel."

The Leica C-10 Scanner is changing the game. It's a laser based scanner that can take up to 50,000 measurements per second.

In laymen's terms it can recreate a crime scene down to the finest detail in three dimension.

Daniel says this technology will become a valuable tool in court, " when jurors see it, they can say oh, that's what happened. You don't have to filter through bad drawings."

When the data is uploaded into the computer it creates the 3D version of the crime scene known as True View.

Daniel said, "this is what we're hoping jurors can look at and see and feel that they know exactly what happened at a crime scene."

It's technology straight out of shows like Law and Order, "when jurors see it on TV They're just regular citizens and they get into the courtroom and say can you do that, because they saw it on TV And that's about the closest thing we have to it," said Daniel.

The Leica System, runs about $162,000 a pop, as Special Agent Jerry Scott says it's money well spent, "it's an investment for the citizens of Georgia, we want to give the citizens of Georgia the best technology, the best law enforcement investigating possible."