(WRCB)  --  Its been more than a week since the state withdrew child support payments to thousands of Tennesseans after a computer glitch double and tripled paid a number of people.

"I got my child support put into my account and they took it out of my account the same day," says April Eastridge.  

"The issue has been fully resolved at this time." That's what state officials told Channel 3 last week.

However, Eastridge, a single parent, says her money is still missing and she's nearly $100 in the hole. "Very frustrated, its hard taking care of my child when I can't get the money that is for her," Eastridge says.  

Eastridge says her account was overdrawn when the state reversed her child support money and the over draft fees just kept growing. With three children and a car that needs to go to the shop, she had to ask her parents to help make ends meet. "I can't even get her medicine or anything like that, its hard," says Eastridge.

When we pushed state officials for answers, they confirmed several complaint calls about fees and assured us that they are still working with the banks to fix it.

"Keep your word and pay what you guys messed up, its your fault and nobody else's," says Eastridge. She's also got a message for anyone else who's still missing money,"don't give up, they'll pay for it eventually."

State officials are asking anyone who is still missing money to contact their offices at 1-800-838-6911.