CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Our second taste of winter in 2012, much like the first, had a little more bark than bite for the majority of the Tennessee Valley.

On Lookout Mountain near Point Park, only patches of snow covered the grass and roads. It was a bit disappointing for local resident Joyce Lee who was hoping for more.

"It was exciting, but not as much as I thought it was going to be," says Lee.

However, a blizzard may be too much to handle. So for Lee a happy medium would suffice.

"It's either got to be enough to stay home or not enough for the roads to get bad," adds Lee.

Unlike this time last year, roads weren't frozen over with sheets of ice following an unusually heavy January snow. So, Thursday night's snow showers didn't interfere with Sheila Dunwoody's Friday commute to work on back roads near the Alabama line, through northwest Georgia, to Lookout.

"There was just a couple of patches of black ice, but I know where to look for them," says Dunwoody as she chuckled.

She did not see anyone's vehicles slipping or sliding.

Despite the lack of snow and ice, one thing the entire Tennessee Valley got from this event were some of the coldest temperatures and wind chills of the year. A drastic change from our mild 50s, 60s, and thunderstorms this past week; but, it takes more than bone-chilling air and blustery breezes to keep Lee from her daily jogging routine.

"I'm just too old to stop. If you stop, you don't start again," states Lee. "So you just got to keep doing it every day. It's not bad once you get out and get going. It actually kind of feels nice."

Although there is no snow in the forecast this weekend, and we'll get some sunshine, temperatures will still be near or below normal. So make sure you stay bundled up and stay warm.