RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) -- Several calls were made to the Catoosa County 911 center on January 6th.

"A guy just came in and starting shooting people at Hutcheson Medical Center."

"Everyone started running. I heard all these people screaming outside my office," was the call from another witness.

One by one, calls flood the Catoosa County 911 office as accused killer James Benson allegedly fires shots at his wife, Mary Sue Benson, and mother in-law, Charlotte Johnson.

You can hear a witness desperately calling for help when she learned the gun went off.

"There is someone in the ICU waiting room with a gun. He fired the gun? He fired the gun! I need someone up here now!" another caller says.

Police believe the shooting was over a nasty custody battle.

Benson has no criminal history on record, but neighbors say he was verbally abusive.

Mary Davis tells Channel Three she would hear James and Mary Sue arguing from across the street, however never called police.

As several officers worked outside to lock down the building, inside the hospital was sheer chaos and panic.

Dispatchers had little information to go on.

Dispatcher: "We have several people en route. I just need to know anything else you can tell me about it.?

Caller: "I just know it was in the ICU and several shots fired."

That was the dispatch response to a number of callers.

Police say Benson may have shot Johnson a second time before walking out the hospital and turning himself into Fort Oglethorpe police. 

Hutchenson released a statement saying armed guards will be at the hospital.

There is also counseling available for any employee traumatized by the shooting.