(WRCB) -- Mary Davis, neighbor and friend of shooting victims, Charlotte Johnson and Mary Sue Benson, could only stare at the home across the street.

She and her husband John says all was peaceful until accused killer, James Benson, would come around.

Mary says she could hear the arguments between James and Mary sue in her living room.

Police believe the most recent argument that led to the shooting was over a custody dispute.

Davis says, "When he came around to talk with her, he would get kind of harsh with them. I could hear him in here."

We talked with Mary Sue's family member off camera who tells Channel 3, James Benson was a controlling man.

We are told Mary Sue kept a journal she would write in detailing her days.

That is now in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's possession.

Davis says images of Friday still linger in her mind and the hurt of losing her friend may never go away.

"I have been crying all weekend. I have cried because it just tears me up. They were so nice," Davis says.

After the shooting in Hutchenson's ICU, Benson walked into Fort Oglethorpe Police department.

Davis says she thought of calling police every time she heard the Benson's arguing, but didn't.

Chief David Eubanks says any hint of domestic violence warrants and immediate phone call.

It could be a matter of life or death.

"If you see something, say something," Chief Eubanks says. "This is not peoples dogs in your yard. This is peoples lives we are talking about."

Experts say Tennessee ranks 5th in the nation for domestic violence homicides and most can be prevented.

Hutchenson and Erlanger met today for a security debriefing and say any changes are still being evaluated.