(WRCB)- A national blog has named a Cleveland woman one of America's top couponers! Maranda Cash won CheapSally.com's "Bring Home the Bacon" Contest. 

It earns her a $100,000 contract doing what she does best, saving money.

Maranda Cash, and yes, that is her real last name, says she is relatively new to the coupon scene.

Over the past couple years she started couponing to save money and now it is paying off in a very big way.

With aisle after aisle at the grocery store it can be intimidating trying to find deals.

But not for Maranda Cash.

"It's really frustrating to go to the grocery store and see these people, they just throw this stuff in their cart. I'm like, 'I have a coupon for that!' I'm like, 'Here!'"

Two and half years ago Cash was talking with her 'mommy group' and they were explaining how they saved big bucks while shopping.

"I was like, 'How do you do that?' They said, 'Well, you look for the sales, you look for the coupons, you match them together.' I was like, 'Ok.' So they're like, 'This week, go to Bi-Lo and use this coupon.' So I tried it and it works," says Cash.

She started her own blog, 'The Frugal Freeloader,' giving out savings tips and showing her deals. 

Last year she bought $6,000 of groceries and household items, but only spent $2,400. That is a savings of $3,600. 

Now she is expanding her reach, getting paid $100,000 by Cheap Sally to dish out her savings advice.

"It's exciting to know that those people are going to get to know me and I'm going to help them," says Cash.

Clipping more than 100 a week, she is armed with a coupon binder, organizing everything by category.

"You have to be organized. That's the biggest thing."

She says pick a store and learn its coupon policies. Some match manufacturer's coupons and others double your coupons.

"A lot of times you see a 50 cent coupon and you're thinking, '50 cents?' But a lot of times they double with a sale. Yeah, you're going to get it for free or really, really cheap."

Sometimes Maranda says the deals out there are hidden. You just have to know where to look for them.

"Facebook. I mean, tons of manufacturers have Facebooks now. It's not just about people," she says.

There are plenty of coupons online, she says, that are not in ads.

"It is absolutely overwhelming if you look at it as a big picture. But if you just start small," says Cash.

Cash says she hopes to start free couponing classes in her community soon.

As for the one hundred grand? She plans on getting out of debt, starting a college fund for her daughter and starting a rainy day fund.