CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- This weekend, Chattanooga police have been busy with three separate shootings, leaving one person dead and two others injured.

Two homes were riddled with bullets on Orchard Knob Avenue and Rawlings Street. One man was found dead in a front yard.

Police are still looking for the shooter, who fired the fatal shot, and more answers.

We talked with a woman who lives on Orchard Knob. She says she was inside watching a football game Saturday night when all of the sudden she heard gunshots hit her home.

Then she made the startling discovery of a young man lying dead in her front yard.

"We just heard all the bullets, hitting against the house," Vaughn says. "It was like they was shooting army guns or something."

Vaughn lives at the corner of Orchard Knob and Rawlings.

She showed us the multiple bullet holes on the side of her home. As soon as she heard bullets hitting her house, she and her family ran for cover.

"This is where they found the gun at right here," she says, pointing to the ground in front of her porch.

When she made her way outside, she and police found 23-year-old DeMarcus Husband lying in front of a tree, shot in the head, and blood on the ground.

"I said, 'please don't tell me there's a boy dead in our yard'," Vaughn says. "Yes, he was dead in our yard."

She believes the shooters were targeting Husband because there were so many shots. The shooters hit a car across the street, covering it with bullet holes.

"My children, or anybody, could have been out there," she says. "We could have been sitting outside ourselves."

"It was 7 o'clock, and sometimes when it's warm like this we sit out on the porch."

Vaughn says with an eight-year-old in the house, she no longer feels safe.

"We're fixing to get off this corner as soon as possible. We're going tomorrow to look for us another place to move in to. We've got to move off this corner. I don't want to stay here no more. I don't want my kids on this corner anymore," she says.

She says something has to be done to stop the bloodshed.

"I wish that we could all get together as a community and do something about this violence, that's what I wish," Vaughn says. "We all come together as a community and stop this violence on our streets."

Police say they have questioned two people in this shooting, but so far no arrests have been made.

If you have any information, call Chattanooga police.