CATOOSA CO. GA, (WRCB)  --  Atlanta trucker Danny Lower says he nearly lost control of his big rig Thursday night when someone threw a brick at his passing truck.

"You know, I do this for a living and I have a family I'd like to come home to every night," says Lower.  

Lower says he was driving his usual route from Atlanta to Nashville, headed north on Interstate 75 through Catoosa County something happened.

"Right as I went up under the underpass at Tunnel Hill Rd. somebody threw a boulder or a brick or something off and busted my windshield," Lower says.  

He pulled over and called 911 but says the emergency officials were slow and didn't take the situation serious enough.  

Catoosa County Sheriff Phil Summers tells Channel 3 the dispatchers did nothing wrong but admits there was some confusion about where the overpass was and if it was a part of Whitfield or Catoosa county.

Meanwhile, Lower says the culprits got away. "I probably would have wrecked and not only myself but the general population around me, the other cars around me. I could've run over them," says Lower.  

However, Lower says this isn't the first time something like this has happened. He recalls a couple weeks ago. "I was coming southbound and some drivers was telling me on the radio that somebody is throwing objects off the bridge right before you get to Exit 341," Lower says.  

He hopes this most recent incident will warn drivers and law enforcement alike. "Maybe they will consider putting a fence up over that bridge," says Lower.

Sheriff Summers says this is the first incident he has heard of.