CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – School officials have confirmed that Red Bank High School counselor Tim Neal died Wednesday night.

"He really loved his job, so it's going to be weird not to have that atmosphere around the hallways anymore," said Tyler Phillips, a high school senior.

Red Bank High School students gathered on campus Thursday night, to remember the life of Tim Neal.

"Just a lot of questions, no one really knows," said Chelsea Mills, also a senior.

"Nobody really knows what happened, but we know he has passed away," said Taralyn Wiley, a junior.

Students are quick to tell you about Neal's life.

"He was always there with his door open, you never had to knock, he was just always open to you," said Phillips, "I mean, he really did a lot for us here at Red Bank."

"People who were on the verge of not even graduating, graduated and got their degrees because of him," added Wiley.

"Passing by he'd always say hi, just a friendly face to see everyday," said Mills.

Knowing when they return from Christmas break, Neal won't be there, these students are already planning ways of using what he taught them.

"You don't expect someone you see every single day at school, someone you go to for guidance and help just to suddenly be gone," said Wiley.

According to Hamilton County Superintendent Rick Smith, Neal had worked for the district since 2006, first at Orchard Knob Middle, and since 2009 as counselor for juniors at Red Bank High.

Red Bank High School's principal says there will be counselors on hand for students and staff when they return to school January 9th

Students say they are planning a memorial service for Neal.