CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - Often, we feature a car break-in or a theft of some sort, but this time Crime Stoppers is asking for your help solving a murder.  A grieving family opened their hearts to Channel 3 and to you.  They need some answers and are hoping the promise of reward money the tipster's anonymity will prompt a break in this case.

LaVante Favors' family has been living on prayer; the only thing to get them through the holidays and the weeks and months ahead.  He was found on February 10th, shot to death in his living room.  "My child did not deserve to be murdered like he was," said his mother, Carlotta Favors.  "It's tore up all of us. He's like a missing person in the family."

The months since the terrible discovery have produced few clues.  Just 25-years old, LaVante Favors had run-ins with the law, but by February had found a job and was working.  He had a knack for construction and was building a home for the family.  Now, they are left to think about what might have been, and time will not soothe their pain.  "It doesn't matter if it's 2-years, 10-years, that's my brother" said cousin Chris Jackson, "and we had big plans.  We had big plans, you know?  We wanted to start a business contracting, wanted to build houses."

"This family deserves some closure," added Alfie Emerson, tears streaming from his eyes.  "This Mom called that boy everyday.  Three times, two times a day.  That was her love.  That was her friend.  That was her baby.  They took her baby away from her.  They took her friend away from her and this is a good woman and she don't deserve it."

The Favors residence was on Dorris Street in the Emma Wheeler Homes community, a neighborhood that has been the scene of violent crimes in the past.  But, that does not excuse what happened to LaVante.  "I mean, it was a bad neighborhood, people could say, but this could happen in East Brainerd, Ooltewah, any nice neighborhood," cousin Edward Williams said.  "It could happen to you."

"Your zip code doesn't determine who you are as a person," said cousin Charlene Lindsay.  "It doesn't define your family and it doesn't mean your life is worth any less.  Whatever it was over, he didn't deserve to die. And we don't deserve to miss him like we do."

The details are sparse from that February evening on Dorris Street.  Help this family fill in the blanks, help justice run its course and help LaVante Favors' memory rest in peace.  "I just ask that you find the courage to come forward and do what you know is right," Lindsay said. "Nothing you can say or do will bring him back, but all we want is peace."

Do you know anything about this crime or who may have murdered LaVante Favors?  Reward cash of up to a thousand dollars is waiting for the right tip.  And, as always, no one will know it was you who made the call.  Reach out to Crime Stoppers today at: 698-3333.