(WRCB) In song and in Scripture, praise is the poultice for the pain of a child's loss at the Greater Tucker Missionary Baptist Church in Brainerd Wednesday afternoon.

For Pastors don't pretend to know; why Ty'reke Evans would have his life taken before his fifth Christmas.

"The reality is, my brothers and sisters; trying to understand God, is very difficult," Pastor Timothy Careathers offers in his eulogy.

The prayers tell us little of Ty'reke's time on earth. They focus instead, on the salvation that faith offers.

"We can only endure for the night," Pastor Careathers says. "But there is joy in the morning!"

But pain, kept Justin Armour away from the funeral.

"It was so terrifying, just to look at the baby, the bruises on him," he says.

Armour attended Ty'Reke's wake Tuesday afternoon. He considers himself a lifelong friend of Patricia Brewer, mother to Ty'reke and to his 3-year-old brother Donamiche.

But he couldn't stand for Brewer in court, as she and her formerly live-in boyfriend Kenneth Dewayne Coleman, faced charges of Ty'reke's murder, Donamiche's attempted murder, and the aggravated abuse of both.

"I'm asking why didn't she get away? But at the same time, after the dude (Coleman) came into her life, that's when things started changing," Armour says.

Coleman barely glanced at Brewer in Hamilton County Sessions Court Wednesday morning. He would stand silently, impassively, as Judge David Bales announced that a public defender would represent him.

Brewer appeared to be a bundle of nerves; downcast, shackled and cuffed, her right leg bouncing continuously. She would mouth five words to her family in the gallery; "no, I know, I do."

Those words gained context when Judge Bales announced that Brewer and Coleman were waiving the 'ten-day requirement' for their preliminary hearings, to give Brewer's family time to hire an attorney to defend her.

Coleman's bond is $4 million; Brewer's $3 million. Neither seems likely to post it, but Judge Bales admonished both to stay away from her son Donamiche, and the family of her sons' father.

Donamiche, 3, has recovered sufficiently from his injuries that he was released from Children's Hospital-Erlanger Christmas Eve, to spend the holidays with family, according to Mollie Sudderth, communications director for Tennessee's Department of Children's Services.

Legally, Donamiche remains in protective custody, but DCS will hold a preliminary hearing on his behalf Thursday morning, Sudderth says.

Brewer was not permitted to attend Ty'reke's funeral.

"I don't think 'Tricia had nothing to do with (Ty'reke's death and Donamiche's injuries)" Armour says. "She probably knew, but I don't think she had nothing to do with it."

Armour maintains he never saw evidence of abuse, nor any indications that Brewer was anything less than happy in her relationship with Coleman.

"I can't tell you 'why'," he says.

Nor can Ty'reke Evan's mourners. But family and friends bear his remains to rest, they remind themselves, his body is not 'him.'

his body---is not "him."

"I want the devil to know now, that we still can have victory over death," the Rev. Charlie Walker shouts.

"That no matter what it looks like now, the King still has another move!"






(WRCB) – The Chattanooga couple charged with the brutal beating that killed a 4-year-old and left his younger brother hospitalized made their first appearance in court Wednesday.

Patricia Brewer and boyfriend Kenneth Coleman are charged with beating her 4-year-old son Ty'Reke to death.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner's preliminary report shows Ty'Reke died of multiple blunt force traumas. Injuries included lacerated organs, brain swelling.

Ty'Reke's funeral is later today. Chattanooga Polices spokesperson Sergeant Jerri Weary tells Channel 3 3-year-old Donamiche was released from hospital on Christmas Eve to spend holidays with his father.

A public defender was appointed to represent Coleman. Brewer's family is expected to hire an attorney.

Both Brewer and Coleman have preliminary hearings scheduled for January 10.  If either are able to post bond, they are prohibited from contact with Donamiche or the family of the father.