CLEVELAND - (WRCB) - It's not where you'd expect to find a member of the House, behind a checkout counter at the Hallmark store in Cleveland. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann manned the register as a part of his "Chuck on the Job" campaign but his mind is in Washington.

"I'm working very very hard to make sure that we can work to get a one year pay roll tax extension," Fleischmann says. He's standing firm to make sure the American people get a one year payroll tax cut. He says he won't vote for a two month compromise. "Its not enough of the benefit to the American tax payer and its too hard for businesses to plan," explains Fleischmann.  

"The way the country is right now we all need the extra money," Chattanooga resident Stephen Wyeth says. If top lawmakers could not come to an agreement and pass the two month payroll tax cut extension, come Jan. 1, every working American's paycheck would be about $40 short, a pay cut of $1,000 a year.

"The economic theory is you pump money into the economy and it boosts the economy. So if you do not pass the extension that means that you've taken money away from the general public, which means they can't spend it, which means you get flatter economic growth," says Financial Advisor Sal Geraci.  

Geraci says with the one year tax cut plan $120 billion would be infused into the economy. President Obama has already agreed to work towards a one year plan after the two month extension is passed. However, Geraci believes there is an ulterior motive.

 "It gives them a maneuvering position with regard to this keystone Excel Pipeline. I think that's really the issue," Geraci says.

Late Thursday afternoon GOP aids claimed House GOP members were ready to vote on a payroll tax cut compromise.