LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WRCB) - The Battles for Chattanooga Museum at Point Park is a draw for tourists, students, history buffs and sadly, criminals. A con man struck late on the afternoon of December 12th. Crystal-clear surveillance video shows him committing the crime.

The thief's cover story was that he planned to bring a class for a field trip and wanted to check their admission rates. "He walked into the museum and passed himself off as a teacher at Hixson," explained Lookout Mountain Assistant Police Chief David McGuffee.

That gained him access to one of the museum's exhibit rooms where he went about removing a glass pane covering a display case. "He looks like he's done it before by the way he takes the stuff out of the display and tries to wipe the finger prints off the glass," said the assistant chief.

The robber could not get the $7,000 worth of relics and belt buckles out of the display case, so he hid the whole thing under his jacket. He was done in less than 5 minutes. The video even shows him stopping by the counter on his way out to cooly chat up the clerk with that case still zipped in his jacket. This thief is definitely not a rookie.

The video and still images show a man who looks to be early 50s to late 60s. He is between 5'5" and 5'8" with gray hair, a beard, glasses and wearing a flat cap. He walked with a slight limp and is obviously not a history teacher from Hixson, as he pretended.

Help us get the historical artifacts back before they are lost forever. And help get this guy behind bars before he strikes again.  Call 423-698-3333.  There is up to $1,000 cash for the right information and your identity will never be revealed.