CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The greatest Christmas gift you can give a child is a home. We are celebrating this week with the Burnetts of Chattanooga. They saw our Forever Family story about Chris and A.J. last year and knew the boys would help complete their family.

Katherine and Keith Burnett have been married for two and a half years. She has a grown son, Andrew, and now the family has expanded to five. Chris is nine years old, A.J. is seven.

"It's beyond our wildest dreams that we would have a forever family for Christmas this year," said Katherine.

"We feel very blessed because God put this family together and we feel honored and privileged to be parents to these boys," added Keith.

"I was just so excited that I get to live with these great people," said nine-year-old Chris.

"It feels great, I've always wanted little brothers now I do," said Andrew Leyden, who is now legally a big brother.

The adventure began last year when we first met Chris and A.J.

"I wish I was in a family that would treat me like I was a part of their family," Chris told Cindy Sexton in 2010.

The boys now have that family.

In court, DCS and the family told their story to Judge Marie Williams.

"We want to adopt these boys because we love them to death and they're already a part of our family, they are our sons," Katherine told the judge.

Judge Williams asked for help signing the decree, the boys were happy to step forward.

The extended family celebrates knowing this will be the best Christmas ever for the boys, with many more wonderful years to come for this brand new forever family.