CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Taking the time to winterize your boat is well worth the cost and effort to prevent motor damage and failure this spring.

With the holidays just around the corner, letting a professional winterize your boat is by far the easiest way to get this task completed.  Professionals have the knowledge, tools, and products to get the job done correctly.

If your boat is in storage for the winter the following maintenance is critical to avoid costly repairs:

1. Add gas stabilizer and run the engine to pull fuel from the tank into the engines fuel system and fog the cylinder walls.                                                                                 

2. The gear case lubricant should be checked for water to avoid serious damage to seals and the case housing during extreme cold.

For other marine engines such as inboards, stern drives and jet skies, this process becomes more complicated and it is critical that all water is removed from these engine blocks, the fuel system treated, and cylinder walls fogged.

For those continuing to use your boat, a fuel stabilizer should be used.

If you have the time, knowledge, products and ability you can complete this task yourself.  Be sure to follow manufactures guidelines for winterizing your specific product.