WHITFIELD CO. TN. (WRCB)  --  Parents at New Hope Middle School are shocked after learning a student brought a knife to school last week and was not immediately suspended.

"I mean that's a big security deal at our school and I didn't even know anything about it," says parent Amber Snyder, who learned of the incident from her daughter.   

However, the story takes another turn.

A source tells Channel 3 the middle schooler who brought the 4 inch blade to class with the intent to harm another student was sent to in school suspension.

However, a friend who wanted to help ended up taking the knife home and was suspended from school only to return for another week of ISS.  

"The administration at New Hope Middle School handles each case with as much care as possible to ensure student safety," says Communications Director Eric Beavers.

However, Beavers will not confirm or deny the incident happened. 

"I thought we had a no tolerance policy, it didn't matter who you were or what it was," says Snyder.

According to Beavers, the school system only has a no tolerance policy against fire arms.

Whitfield County's Discipline Code of Conduct states a knife of any type with any blade length is a violation which could result in a disciplinary hearing or expulsion.

"I mean you expect to hear it from big city schools. This is Tunnel Hill, this is New Hope Elementary and New Hope Middle. You just don't expect it here," Snyder says.  

While school officials will not confirm anything they did say the students are in good hands.

"Well I mean we can just assure you that the children are safe at New Hope Middle School," Beavers says.

A source tells Channel 3 a tribunal hearing is scheduled for Wednesday for the student who brought the knife to school.