The holidays are here, and there's nothing like a festive home to put you into the Christmas spirit.

Gardening Expert Jim Webster from The Barn Nursery was our guest. He showed us some great ideas for both inside and outside. Everything from fresh flowers to Christmas arrangements and ornaments.

Here's a look at some other tips..

1. First and foremost, do a little pre-holiday clean up. Rake out those dead leaves and winterize your plants so you have a clean foundation for holiday decor.

2. Secondly, finish up any outdoor maintenance and last minute paint touch ups so you'll be ready to decorate!

3. Gather natural materials and plants for holiday curb appeal.

I really like the idea of holiday decorating with branches. Put them in pots and add festive lights, hanging lanterns and holiday decorations from the branches! Or, hang chunky branches from rope and add ornaments and lights! LOVELY!

4. Get creative with existing yard & garden features and decor.

Ordinary yard and garden accessories are the perfect foundation for holiday decor. Combining holiday decorations with what you already have in your yard is a great way to gain more curb appeal for your holiday buck. Before you put your summer or fall garden accessories away, look at them with fresh eyes.