FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) --  Officers in North Georgia want residents who have been in contact with Jackie Lynn Phillips, 44, of Tunnel Hill, to step forward.

He is considered a violent sexual predator and officers tell Channel 3, besides being a convicted rapist, he's also been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and multiple counts of sexual assault.

"If it's here [Fort Oglethorpe] contact us and if it's in Ringgold contact the Ringgold police, wherever, contact your local police," says Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief David Eubanks.

Phillips, a registered sex offender is back in jail after police say he tried to buy sex in the Wal-Mart parking lot for $100.

"It just kind of shakes you up to have someone speak to you so disgustingly and just so, you know, completely inappropriate," says one woman who ran into Phillips on her way into the store.

"I was putting my things in the car and I heard someone say, 'hey there!' and I just gradually turned around and there was a man in a car just right behind my car," she says.

What he told her next is too graphic to repeat. She says Phillips then speed off, but followed her on foot into the store.

"I actually saw him again kind of circling around and watching me and that really troubled me," she says.  

"Well given the fact that he solicited in the parking lot or attempted to and the fact that he went inside the store makes me believe he was looking for another victim," Eubanks says.

He tells Channel 3 that while he and another officer were questioning a woman, another woman walked up and claimed that he had said the same thing to her.  

"You feel violated when someone speaks to you that way and its almost embarrassing," says the woman.

However, her embarrassment turned to empowerment when she spoke up and watched Phillips get taken away.

"If we don't speak up it'll continue and we need to be a part of keeping these kind of people off the street," she says.  

Phillips was on parole in Walker County, he was wearing ankle monitor at the time of his arrest.

He's only being charged with two counts of soliciting sex but since he's on parole there is no bond.

He'll remain behind bars in Catoosa County Jail until his next court appearance.