SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-- The investigation of a missing Signal Mountain mother will continue Monday morning.

Captain Bill Johnson with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says, the removal of Gail Palmgren's ruby red Jeep Rubicon has been delayed until Monday, due to the lack of equipment.

Johnson says crews do not have the proper cables to move the Jeep, but the equipment has been ordered.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond tells Channel 3, crews plan to lower the vehicle 300 feet below to the W Road, using a zip line approach. From there, he says the Jeep will be taken to a crime lab for further study. 

Hammond says the vehicle's "black box" has been analyzed, but wouldn't specifically say what it revealed. He says, so far, everything appears to be accidental.

The sheriff says Palmgren was likely thrown from the Jeep, and investigators are looking in to why she was allegedly in the area.

Hammond says autopsy results should be available in about five days. Once the Jeep is removed, Hammond says the scene will be closed, and W Road will reopen.

Sunday afternoon crews finished clearing a path along the steep terrain to allow a wrecker service access.

Sunday morning Palmgren's close friend, Arlene Durham, visited the W Road command post for the first  time since news broke that her jeep had been located. 

"I knew when they found the jeep that she was there," Durham says. "I knew in my heart and it was confirmed early Friday morning."

Durham says watching crews work on the scene brings some closure.

"To come up here and see what's going on is comforting," she says. "I'm glad she's being taken care of properly." 

Saturday, Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Janice Atkinson said investigators will be able to cover the scene, should weather pose a threat.

Thursday, the sheriff said the vehicle was found resting against an uprooted tree, down a steep cliff off East Brow Road.

The missing mom's Jeep was located within the first hour of an aerial search.

Friday, after seven months of searching, investigators found human remains in the wreckage area that are believed to be that of Gail Palmgren, who was last seen April 30.

The sheriff says several personal items were also located, including a purse with identification.

Saturday, members of the UT forensic team removed the remains, which are now at Knoxville's Body Farm for positive identification.

Stay with for updates to this developing story as they become available.