SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-- Now that Gail's Jeep has been found and investigators work to determine the identity of the remains, the focus now turns to what really happened up on East Brow Road.

Neighbors in the area tell Channel 3, it baffles them how her Jeep went off such a straight part of East Brow.

One man passing by says he doesn't know why Gail would be on the East Brow side of the mountain because her home is on the other side.

Plus, the W Road was closed the day she disappeared due to the April tornadoes.

Another neighbor says it doesn't seem suspicious at all that Gail was using the road.

Even so, investigators will be working to answer some crucial questions: how fast was her Jeep going? What direction was the vehicle traveling in? Could this just be a terrible accident?