Cleveland had its share of issues Monday with some significant problem spots.

Crews closed eight roads throughout the county and posted high water signs on others.

Barricades were posted on Bower Lane near the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.  The greenbelt walkway at Keith Street and 17th was completely submerged.

On Trewitt Road runoff flooded the street and spilled into one homeowner's driveway and front yard. 

On Pineview Drive neighbors held their breath while they watched the water rise then fall again.

Whenever heavy rains come the manholes on Pineview Drive spew sewage.  Angie Christenbury's house has already flooded three times this year, and the stress is taking a toll.

"We need something to happen fast," she says.  "Everyone says this takes time, but I don't have time.  I worry every time it rains about my home and how much it's going to cost me to repair it when it floods."   

Cleveland Utilities did come by Pineview Drive Monday afternoon.  They're studying the matter, and Cleveland City Council has set aside $200,000 for a floodplain study.

The Army Corp of Engineers is in the process of drawing up new flood maps.