CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Chattooga high students reminisce about Daniel Reynolds.

The 17-year-old motorcross enthusiast lost his life doing what he loved most, riding his dirt bike.

It happened Saturday while competing at the Tri-State Arenacross event in Rainsville, Alabama.

A close friend, Harley Elliot says, "He was one of the greatest people you would ever meet."

Elliot was with Reynolds that fateful weekend and says everything looked fine during the practice runs.

"He was riding good through practice and had a bad start," Elliot says. "He tried to catch up and had a wreck."

That wreck would be his last.

"He went over a jump and the front of the bike nose-dived and he couldn't get control of it again," says Elliot.

At Chattooga High School, students left a memorial in Reynolds' parking space, a jersey and helmet autographed with memories lie in the middle of the pile.

Senior, Erin Naples, says, "One less student and one empty seat at graduation will be really hard on everyone."

Elliot says Daniel talked about becoming a professional motorcross rider on the way to the event, Saturday. Now Elliot must carry on his dream.

Students donned t-shirts with lyrics from Daniel's favorite song, and on the school billboard reads, "one tribe, one people".

The principal says in light of Daniel's loss, the community has come together.

"He is one of those silent leaders and we will miss him," Principal Jeff Martin says. "It is a tough position to be in because these kids are like my family."

Reynolds was buried Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Arenacross website, all remaining races have been canceled.