HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) --Big boost to business, Northgate Mall is getting some big names to open new stores in the shopping center hoping to draw in thousands of more customers. 

With the holiday shopping season already underway, the mall's owner and shoppers agree, more stores would mean more revenue for the local economy.

About six weeks ago the owner of Hamilton Place Mall, CBL and Associates Properties, Inc, bought Northgate Mall for eleven and a half million dollars, with the intention of bringing new life to the Hixson shopping scene. 

This comes as retailers are already trying to bring in extra money by starting the holiday shopping season early.

Surveys, just released, claim people are out doing their Christmas shopping earlier this year.

Delilah Harris Scott and her family were at Northgate Mall, Thursday night, taking the "early bird gets the worm" approach for the first time.

"Not normally, we just don't want to get in the hassle this time and to catch some of the new sales that's early selling," says Scott.

You can tell by Bryant Frank's purchases, Christmas movies and records, he's in the mood for holiday shopping, too.

"Just jumping right into the spirit," says Frank.

These shoppers' Christmas wish: more choices at Northgate Mall.

"It needs it," says Frank.

"I think it will be very good because not a lot of people come to this mall anymore and I think if they bring the bigger stores it will help get more service and business," says shopper Jordan Wilson.

They may just get it. CBL Vice President of Development Michael Lebovitz says he's optimistic about this year's holiday shopping season.

"We feel like the shopping is going to be positive and certainly Chattanooga is lucky to have some great economic drivers that are helping the economy here," says Lebovitz.

He also knows to really boost the economy Northgate shoppers do need more options.

"It's been 45 days since we bought Northgate and right now we're just assessing the mall and talking to several of the box retailers who we know want to be in the Northgate area," says Lebovitz.

Not confirming any names of retailers looking to set up shop, but saying they are well known.

Of those they're recruiting they say they're mostly stores that already have a presence in Chattanooga, but want another location.

As far as new retailers, they say they're working on those as more long-term goals.