COLLEGEDALE, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- It's one of the more cruel home invasions we've heard of.

A female, sitting in her home intruded upon and tazed multiple times!

The bad guy didn't take any money, but sure left his mark on the woman and her home.

Police have a person in mind for this crime but need the public's help.

"It was just shortly afternoon and the victim was in the shower," says Collegedale Police Detective Jamie Heath.

When she got out, the woman noticed a man, in a ski mask, standing in her home at the Grindstone Trailer Park in Collegedale.

He called her by name and told her to take him to her money.

When she said there was none, he attacked her with a stun gun and not just once.

"Multiple times.  She had red, her skin was showing red marks from where there was multiple hit on her back, on her chest, her arms.  Several different places," says Heath.  

She fought back and after a struggle was able to get around him and run. He took off, too, into the complex.

Detective Heath says witnesses saw him remove his ski mask as he fled, perhaps so he wouldn't look more suspicious, but that let them see him more clearly.

He's said to be a younger-looking white male, with brown hair and blue eyes, around 5'9". He has a thin build.

When this happened on October 12th, he was wearing a light blue T-shirt and light colored blue jeans.

The victim wasn't seriously injured and no money was taken.

Police want to get whoever did this off the streets because it was a particularly violent crime. They say this criminal may have done this before and may have bragged about it.

"In the event this is the same suspect, that perhaps he has said something to someone out there, bragged about what he has done. Maybe someone will come forward and help us out," says Heath.

The victim is back to a normal routine, but remains scared.

"She's doing fine, medically, which is, you know, we thank God for that.  But, yeah, she is shaken up," says Heath.

Have you heard anything about this crime? 

Pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

You could get a cash reward up to a thousand dollars. As always, no one, not even the police will know it was you who made the call.