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Double murder victims shot in the head before suspect set house on fire

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ROCKY FACE, GA.  (WRCB)  --  Friends and neighbors still don't understand how someone could murder two people, and set a North Georgia house on fire.

It happened Saturday morning, one of the victims was a 61-year-old man.  The other victim a 14-year-old girl.

Monday, the district attorney's office confirmed both Julius Wayne Smith and Krista Denae Babb had been shot in the head before the suspected killer set the house on fire.

Investigators say Babb and Smith were close friends.  They say Smith was like a big brother to the 14-year-old girl, he also knew her mother and sister very well.

Even though the relationship might sound unusual to some, those who knew Wayne Smith personally say helping others was just part of who he was.

"I knew Wayne for 10 years," says neighbor, Betty Lou Stapp.  "It seemed like I knew him my whole life."

Helping people, seems to be a reoccurring theme in the life of the man who lived at 113 Honeybee Way.  That's how Betty Lou and Randy Stapp knew him.

"I was very close to Wayne," says Betty Lou.  "Very close to him.  He helped me through my son's death." 

Police and firefighters rushed to the home around 11:30 Saturday on a fire call.  Once they arrived they realized they were dealing with something much more serious.

"He will be dearly missed," Stapp says.  "He was a very good man." 

Investigators found Smith and the body of a 14-year-old Chatsworth girl inside.  The girl's name is Krista Denae Babb.  Police say Babb's mother and sister, were also friends of the victim.

"He was always helping young people," Stapp says.  "I think he helped this young girl from Chatsworth and her mother a lot." 

The 61-year-old had several rental homes.  He knew suspected killer 32-year-old, Daniel Lloyd Densmore, very well.

Densmore used to rent from Smith, and police believe robbery could be the reason for the murders.

Monday, Babb's friends created a remembrance page for her on Facebook saying, 'We not only lost Krista but a very close family friend'.

The Stapp's say Smith will also be remembered, especially for the way he treated others.

"He was almost too kind hearted," says Randy Stapp. 

Autopsies on both victims were completed Monday.  Daniel Densmore is still in custody, charged with arson, robbery and homicide.  He has a record in Georgia, but not a for violent crime. 

Densmore is set to appear in court Friday morning for a bond hearing.

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