CHATTANOOGA, TN.  (WRCB)  -- A shooting in Chattanooga has police piecing together a perfect storm.  Police picked through evidence after 8 p.m. outside Memorial Hospital Friday night.  The shooting happened inside a car. 

According to the report 25-year-old, Marcus Price, was in the passenger seat when a gun went off, hitting him in the lower back.

A lot of circumstances have to be aligned for a gun to go off by itself, but gun experts say it's not impossible.  Investigators say, so far, Price's story has checked out.

"This safety has to be pushed before the trigger can be pulled," says Ray Carter, with Carter's Shooting Supply and Range.

Carter has owned the gun shop off Highway 58 for 12 years.  "It's a possibility, but this trigger is not easy to pull it's a five and half pound trigger." 

The store owner says when he heard about the accidental shooting that sent a man to the hospital he was immediately skeptical.

"I really didn't think much about it," he says.  "Except something like this is almost impossible." 

Almost is the key word, because Chattanooga Police say something in the rear of a Chevy HHR triggered and fired a .45 caliber gun on it's own.

The victim told police he was on Highway 153 with his girlfriend and daughter, when a loaded gun in the back compartment went off.  The bullet struck Price in the lower back, he was sitting in the front passenger seat.  His girlfriend immediately drove him to the hospital, where she was later interviewed by police.

"You have to grip it," says Carter, while describing how to fire one of the .45 caliber handguns in his store.  "Then you turn off the safety, put your finger on the trigger and pull." 

Thankfully most guns have to go through several steps before they can fire. 

Although chances are slim, Carter says if there's a round in the chamber and something heavy enough hits the trigger, the gun will go off.   

Chattanooga Police haven't said what triggered the weapon, but they say it was unsecured and loaded.

Marcus Price went straight into surgery Friday, he is recovering.  His infant daughter was sitting in the rear passenger seat when the gun fired, but was unharmed. 

Chattanooga Police say the weapon they recovered from the car is a Hi-point gun.  Two different gunsmiths tell Channel 3 that brand is considered very poor quality.

Police haven't said if the gun had a safety, but they say no charges will be filed.