FORT OGLETHORPE (WRCB) - Evacuation boats rescued more than a dozen residents from Battlewood Apartments Monday afternoon.

Alabama football fan Brent Duncan knew that moving to Fort Oglethorpe might be a culture shock.

But he hadn't expected Labor Day flooding to redefine 'Roll Tide.'

"But it's rollin all right," he says.

From the parking lot of Battlewood Apartments, right into his Honda Civic.

"I bet I got five inches of water in my floorboards," Duncan says.

Or he did. Until he and a friend got it into gear and pushed it to higher ground.

By contrast, drivers were plunging right through standing water on Cloud Springs Road.

The dip near the BP station has been prone to ponding, but by 10:30AM, water was covering the base of the kerosene pump.

The cautious took heed, and forded it slowly,

But many more, whether in pickup trucks or subcompacts, treated it like a ski run on Lake Couldn't-Quite-Get-To.

Our Channel 3 Eyewitness News crew spotted a small dog, trying to dodge drivers and raindrops; succeeding at the former, failing miserably at the latter. Sodden, but speedy; he was too fast to catch to be carried to safety.

Back at Battlewood Apartments, the neighbors have briefed newbie Brent Duncan, on their complex's history with high water.

"From what they're telling me, probably in the next couple of hours, if it don't quit raining, I'm probably gonna have six inches of water in my living room floor," he says.

Much as his son Gavin, 4, and daughter, Leela, 4, might like an indoor wading pool, Dad decides they're better off somewhere else.

"They're having fun with it, but their Mama's boyfriend is having them stay with them," he says.

Good call. Four hours later, Fort Oglethorpe Fire & Rescue had called in a boat to retrieve residents, cut off in the floodwaters.

Many left with only what they were wearing, and a trash bag full of personal essentials. The American Red Cross established an emergency shelter at Lakeview Middle School, to provide overnight accommodations, and at least two meals.