SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WRCB) - The husband of a missing Signal Mountain woman has listed the couple's home for sale.

The home, located at 40 Ridgerock Drive, has been added to several websites advertising the property with an asking price of $669,000.

According to the Hamilton County Tax Assessor's website, the property is listed in both Matthew Palmgren and Gail Palmgren's names.

Gail Palmgren hasn't been seen since April 30th, when she was spotted driving her Jeep Rubicon. The vehicle is also still missing.

We wanted to know if the property could be sold without Gail Palmgren's authority. A real estate expert tells us that would require power of attorney.

"Tennessee goes quite a ways to protect the spousal interest in homes," Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Guild says. "Can't be done, the house stays the same, I mean, you cannot transfer it without both parties."

Guild says there would have to be proof, showing Gail Palmgren is not alive for the home to be sold.

"Time, plus a proceeding to declare the missing spouse dead will have to be gone through before you can sell the house, free and clear of that interest," says Guild.

But the law does not prohibit placing the home on the market.

Channel 3 has attempted to reach Matthew Palmgren's attorneys about the matter.

Jeanne Trewhitt, the real estate agent who listed the property and is aware of Gail's disappearance, referred Channel 3 to Palmgren's attorneys.

"This listing is just like any other listing," Trewhitt told Channel 3 over the phone Thursday afternoon, "I am showing the home and hope to get a buyer soon."

Matthew Palmgren lost his job at Blue Cross Blue Shield earlier this year, following his wife's disappearance. He filed a restraining order against his wife days after she went missing, but then dissolved the order.

There are two loopholes that could allow Matthew Palmgren to sell the home.

The first: power of attorney.  Palgmren's attorney, Bryan Hoss, told Channel 3 Gail did not sign power of attorney.

The second option:divorce.

Matthew Palmgren could publicly notify his wife in the local papers, since he cannot reach her and a judge could award him the home.

Hoss told Channel 3 he has not discussed that option with his client and there is no pending divorce case, leaving 40 Ridgerock Drive on the market, indefinitely.