TRENTON, GA (WRCB)-  The Trenton Ingles supermarket reopened today, following four months of repairs from the April 27 tornado outbreak.

"We are so glad to be back," said store manager Dewayne Moon." "The store looks great, and the response from customers is really encouraging."  Moon had been reassigned to the Ringgold store while his store was in disrepair, and has been hustling to reassemble his employees.  "We've got a lot of familiar faces here, it's good to see everyone again." 

Moon was surrounded by district managers, Ingles managers from stores in Jasper, TN and north Georgia, and even some competitors who dropped by to welcome them back.  Trenton's other major supermarkets had brought in extra help during the summer months to help with the influx of Ingles customers who had to switch stores, at least temporarily.

Store officials say Ingles took advantage of the remodeling to add new features, including a redesigned produce department, and a new self-checkout lane featuring four stations.  The store was built in 1986.

Some residents had become concerned after several weeks of inactivity.  There were rumors in Trenton that Ingles might not reopen due to disputes between the chain and the property owner.  But once the issues were ironed out, work was fast and furious, with major roof repair, floor replacement and new lighting installed in a relatively short time.

Moon smiled and said, "We're back in business, and it sure feels good."