DAYTON, RHEA COUNTY (WRCB) – What happened inside a Rhea County home, landed a teenage mom in jail.  Police say it involved a newborn, and a garbage bag.

The 18-year-old is charged with aggravated child neglect, and reckless homicide after allegedly stuffing her newborn in a bag.

Prosecutors say that baby was alive when it was born.  The district attorney wouldn't discuss specifics, surrounding the case.

18-year-old, Rachel Doss, was arrested earlier this month, some six months after her baby died.

"It's just a tragic situation all the way around," says Criminal Defense attorney, Larry Roddy.

Roddy Represents Doss, who is charged with negligence and killing her own child.

"Rachel of course maintains her innocence," Roddy says.  "She has plead not guilty, and we will persist in that plea until some things develop.  We'll have to see." 

Earlier this month Doss was arrested after a Grand Jury saw enough evidence to send the case to trial.

Channel 3 has learned she was about 6 months pregnant when she gave birth in February, at her parent's home in Dayton.

"I don't know that she induced to be born," says Assistant District Attorney, Jim Pope.  "A child was born, and she's charged with neglect of that child after it's birth." 

Pope is prosecuting the case, and says an autopsy shows the baby was born alive.

"The child was found in a garbage bag, I believe," he says.  "It died from asphyxiation or suffocation." 

As to the mother's motive and when the baby was found, Pope is less willing to give details.   

"I'm not going to get into that at this time," he says.  "She just recently went through Grand Jury.  She's got a lawyer, and we're going through the discovery process right now." 

Channel 3 visited Rachel Doss' home Friday.  Family members declined to go on camera, but off camera say they've put the situation in God's hands.

"She's a devout Christian," Roddy says.  "Her family is very religious." 

The family says Doss is going through a very difficult time, and never intended for any of this to happen.

"I might say that in no way was there ever any intent to harm the child," Roddy says.

Rachel Doss bonded out of jail the day she was arrested, and is set to appear in court again on September 2nd.