EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- An East Ridge community is pulling together to help stop a rash of car breakins.

Police say nearly a dozens cars have been hit and now homeowners are spreading the word to be on the lookout.

The latest break-in was Tuesday night and police say it's been happening for about a week and a half.

They now have stepped up patrol to see if they can catch who's doing it.

"I just can't believe it is going on in here," says John Fugatt.

Fugatt says it's normally quiet in the Mission Oaks neighborhood in East Ridge, but lately a string of car breakins has him a little on edge.

East Ridge Police says nearly a dozen in the last week has the department and the neighbors on high alert.

"Any function that happens here, they get an email on it telling who and what," says Fugatt.

It's especially unnerving when it hits close to home. Fugatt's neighbor's car was broken into while it was in the garage. The man lost his wallet, GPS navigation system and personal items.

Tuesday night, another neighbor was victimized.

"They did break in and break a window and take some very valuable things from my neighbor's truck," says Bob Circeo.

Circeo is the former neighborhood association president and he says he's not sure why the area is being targeted, but he wants it to end soon.

Police say they have been patrolling the area in unmarked patrol cars hoping to catch the thief in action, but so far, many of the break-ins have been random.

"It bothers us. We don't have problems here very often. We have had some in the past and it can happen anywhere," says Circeo.

This is why more patrols are expected to cruise by.

Meanwhile while signs like this are posted in yards, neighbors hope to get the message out and be on the lookout.

Police say they are planning more patrols in the Mission Oaks neighborhood and on the west side of town.

Neighbors believe teenagers may be responsible for the breakins. They say they've seen several teens in the neighborhood, who don't live there.    

If you see anything suspicious, call East Ridge Police.