BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)— A Cleveland-based chemical plant broke ground on a new facility, Friday.

For years, Olin Corporation has used Mercury Cell Technology to make chemicals like chlorine and bleach. Officials admit, it cost them some business in recent years. So now they're making a change. a major investment to the tune of 160 million dollars.

Not only will they be more efficient, but the move is preserving almost 400 jobs in Bradley County.

Olin President Frank Chirumbole said, "It means we're going to preserve 350 jobs for the future, for our employees it means they can rely on high paying jobs for years to come."

On top of that. Chirumbole agrees, a 160-million dollar makeover isn't going to build itself, a number of construction workers will also be guaranteed jobs.

"There will be hundreds of construction jobs generated during the building of the project. That will have a huge economic impact in Bradley County," said Chirumbole.

That's music to Lee Whitener's ears, as a native to the area and 12 year employee, he wants generations to come to have the same opportunities he's had.

"It gives us competitive wages, we don't have to go and search for other jobs. We don't have to leave our area, this is home to me, I wanna stay here," said Whitener.

Chirumbole said the plant is their only one that makes a key component inside bleach. He said as demand increased, they've developed a more efficient way to make that ingredient. It's cutting edge decisions like this that make Olin's location so attractive to companies like Wacker.

"More and more we hear people like Wacker who want to be located next to a producer like us, I think that's what we need to be as Olin, and good things will happen because of that," said Chirumbole.