WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Authorities in North Georgia say a man upset with his ex-wife, took her hostage, endangering her life and the lives of two children.

The victim told Channel 3 she can't believe her ex-husband of just one year took it this far.

"What he had intended to do was force his way into the home, kill his son, ex-wife, and himself," says LaFayette Police Department Assistant. Director Bengie Clift.

Lafayette Police Department responded to a domestic dispute on Windsong Drive shortly after 11pm on Tuesday. The ex-wife said Freddie Lowe was drunk when he busted in her back door with a shotgun. Her teenage son and his friend left through the basement and called 911.

Within 15 minutes Clift had the suspect on the phone, and negotiating began.

"He was extremely believable, extremely agitated," says Clift.

Clift said luckily the negotiator was already familiar with the suspect who is better known as "Skip", and a good rapport was built.

After almost two hours of negotiating.

"He was able to get the suspect to surrender, literally lay down his weapon and walk out the door," said Clift.

The ex-wife said, the two divorced one year ago, they've tried to reconcile three times, but his drinking issues led to no progress. She said she wants him to get help instead of prison time.

Clift said so often situations like this hardly end with no one hurt.

"Statistically speaking they usually end unfavorably. We really feel blessed that everything fell into place, and he responded to negotiations," says Clift.

Whether or not the ex-wife wants Lowe to see jail time, he will be facing a hand full of charges that include, three counts of Aggravated Assault which in Georgia includes Attempted Murder, False Imprisonment, and Cruelty to Children.