CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) – Deputies are releasing new information in the investigation of a Bradley County woman's murder.

Preliminary results from an autopsy of Elizabeth Carney cite strangulation as the cause of death, due to a large mark found on her neck. The report states the victim was found wrapped in two blankets, tied together by nylon straps. 

Investigators say the man accused of Carney's murder was arrested after allegedly assaulting a woman in Swain County, North Carolina.

Officers in Cherokee, North Carolina say David Keith Daugherty approached an Ellenboro, North Carolina woman while she sat outside her room reading a book. He identified himself as a motel employee responding to a call for additional towels.  When the woman entered the room, investigators say she was struck by Daughtery with a stun gun and knocked to the floor.  Her eight-year-old daughter ran to the office to summon law enforcement.

It wasn't until after he arrived at the jail that his name and date of birth were checked through the NCIC computer system and his Tennessee charge was discovered.  

Friday morning, officers found the Mercury Villager van used by Daugherty to flee the state, wrecked in a ravine in Cherokee.

Bradley County investigators say Daugherty has waived an extradition hearing and no charges are will be filed in North Carolina.

Daugherty faces first degree murder charges in connection with the death of Elizabeth Carney.