CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - With sweat drenched shirts and tired muscles, Andy Fazio's landscaping team moves on to the next yard.

"When we find shade we take a break," he said.

While Fazio battles the afternoon heat, Gil Cartwright works to protect his business from it.

"You open the box and it's hot, even though they put ice packs in it," said florist Gil Cartwright about the delivery of flowers he just received.

Birthday bouquets are on the menu today. With a triple digit heat index, Cartwright went to work cooling his merchandise as soon as it arrived, along with the man who delivered it.

"He goes in for two big glasses of water and stays in the cooler," laughed Cartwright, "but it's bound to kill him when he goes back out and gets in the truck."

Across town, sweltering temperatures mean big business for the Tennessee Valley Ice Company.

"We produce 140 tons a day," said owner Gary Bloodworth, "we package, on average, 18 to 20 thousand bags a day."

The men and women working to keep Chattanooga cool, are not sweating what mother nature has prescribed.

"The freezers they are going in and out of are on average about 20 degrees," said Bloodworth.

On the North Shore, it's a creamier and more nutritious version.

Sweet CeCe's employees are helping Chattanoogans cool down. Since the beginning of June business has been booming.

For those with no choice but to brave the elements, Tuesday's afternoon clouds helped them cool down.

"It doesn't feel like 105, maybe 98," joked Fazio.

But even the slightest cold front is a welcomed one.

The heat can be brutal for pets too. McKamey Animal Center officers have been out in full force the last few days checking on them. Already they've removed four dogs from hot cars. They suggest bringing animals indoors, and leaving them with plenty of water.