CHATTANOOGA, (WRCB)  --  A Chattanooga police officer is taking some time to rest.  He was hurt while responding to a home invasion Thursday night.   

Police say two men forced their way into a home on 12th Avenue while a pregnant woman was inside.

Officer Christopher Grafe was the second officer to arrive at the home at 3506 12th Avenue.  The first officer entered through the back door.  Grafe was hurt while trying to get to him.

Jaime Faustina wasn't home Thursday evening when two armed men pushed their way into his home.  His is wife, Jesusa Faustina, was there with a friend.   

"She tried to open the door and they come in," says Wilson Sontay, a friend of the family.  "They push in." 

The family, from Guatemala, doesn't speak English.  They tell Channel 3 about the robbery through the help of a friend.

"They say, 'Where's the money!' and they push," Sontay says.  "She [Jesusa] doesn't understand very good what they say."

Faustina is 6-month pregnant.  Sontay says she was leaving through the back door when 20-year-old Justin Scholtz, and a 17-year-old charged into her home.  The men pushed her to the floor.

"They hit her shoulder and legs," says Relative Dominga Velasquez.

Velasquez lives next door, and says her brother called 911.  Police arrived very quickly.

"They didn't take nothing because the police are here," says Sontay, when asked what the suspects got away with. 

Chattanooga police say the first officer to respond went in through the back door.  He ordered both men to stop, but Scholtz turned his gun on the officer.  Officer Christopher Grafe was outside backing up his partner.  When Grafe saw the men refuse to put down their weapons, he tried to get inside through a window.  Grafe fell into the broken glass, cutting his arms, when his hand slipped.

"I don't have no band-aid," says Velasquez.  "I try to find a band-aid.  I don't have no band-aid."

Velasquez says she and Faustina did what they could to help Grafe when the suspects surrendered.  After a short stand-off Scholtz and the 17-year-old dropped their guns.  They were arrested at the scene.  Friday the family watches as their landlord repairs the broken window.

"They tell me they don't want to stay in the home now," says Sontay.  

Jesusa Faustina and Officer Grafe were treated at Erlanger and released.  Faustina says she and her baby boy are doing fine.  The landlord is looking into buying a security system for the house.

Officer Grafe is on paid leave until released by his doctor.  Justin Scholtz and the 17-year-old face several charges, including aggravated assault and robbery.