CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- More questions surround the City of Chattanooga's plans for a new website.

The Office of Sustainability requested it manage the "Chattanooga Green" section of the overall website.

The office has only been around for a year and the city's current website does not offer, "The capabilities to create a website to the specifications of the Office of Sustainability."

Donnie Lee of Abraxas Web Design said, "The main red flag that I don't see is that it is not a complete re-work of"

Donnie Lee runs his own web design firm, which didn't submit a bid for the project, and was asked to interpret the request by Eyewitness News.

Lee has plenty of questions, specifically as to why there's no mention of a new website until Section Four.

It reads: "The city desires to replace its current website with one better suited to the city's needs."

Lee said, even then, it's still unclear.

"I don't see some of the things a municipality might need even if it is for a particular section," said Lee.

Lee said that includes things like search engines or if online payments will be an option.

Councilman Manny Rico said the company that won the proposal, Maycreate, won because they were the lowest price.

Based on figures from the top five bidders, Maycreate was actually the most expensive with start up costs, but the cheapest on the monthly maintenance.

Lee, who once created the City of Dalton's site, said this one gives him sticker shock.

"I really think that $300,000, based on a Request For Proposal, is overkill," said Lee.

Maycreate chose not to comment on the story, and no one from the city was available.

City Council will vote on the matter Tuesday. If it passes, the new site will be live by December.