CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - An over inflated swim bladder in Largemouth Bass is a common problem in tournaments where fish are caught in deep water.

Every Bass fisherman should know how and when to fizz a Bass to ensure its survival.

When a fish is brought up to the surface too quickly, its body does not have the time to adjust to the change in pressure and will cause its swim bladder to become over inflated.

This condition acts like a giant balloon, causing the bass to float on the surface upside-down, or on its side and unable to swim upright and submerge.

The fish will float at the surface for several hours until the swim bladder depressurizes. This condition by itself may not be lethal, but the fish expends a lot of energy trying to submerge, and it may be struck by a boat or killed by a predator.

In order to release the air from the bladder of the fish, a technique commonly called "fizzing" needs to be performed.

This simple procedure requires the angler to puncture the swim bladder with a 1 ½-inch, 18-guage needle to release the excess pressure inside.

While many fishermen fizz bass through the side of its body, the safer, more effective way to release the pressure is to fizz the bass through the mouth.

For a good look at this procedure Watch This Video.