SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN. (WRCB) -- Nearly two months after Gail Palmgren disappearance, police search her home and a storage shed in Red Bank looking for more clues as to her whereabouts.

Clive Bonnick said, "They are not going to find Gail there but they are looking to clues that will lead them to her. We have no clues at all other than the last sightings on the trails on the mountains."

Friends like Clive Bonnick said they don't want the search trail to go cold, neither do investigators.

Police said the search took six to seven hours to complete and what they took from the home and the storage facility they won't say. All they could say is the investigation continues.

According to Mathew Palmgren's attorney, Brian Hoss, there was nothing of "significance" taken from the home or storage.

We asked detectives from Hamilton County about phone records or possible calls from Gail Palmgren around the days of her disappearance, again, they would not comment.

Road blocks, Bonnick said others who are trying to help, have faced. 

"It is a little frustrating because we don't know where the jeep is and if we did know, it would lead us to Gail," said Bonnick.

Bonnick said the Palmgren's were dealing with a nasty divorce, but Gail wanted things to work in her marriage, especially for her children.

Bonnick said, "She was fighting to save her marriage as she was going through a divorce. She did not want to just run off and leave this community."

Channel 3 has learned Detective Dennis Tizzio with Signal Mountain Police is back on patrol with the Signal Mountain precinct.

This does not mean he isn't involved with the Palmgren case.

July 2nd, friends of Gail Palmgren, will have a prayer vigil at Signal Point Park on Signal Mountain.

It starts at 7:00 pm and there will be a balloon send-off.