FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Investigators are trying to track down a couple of sugar gliders.

Sugar gliders are exotic pets that can fit in your palm.

As you can imagine, the theft of 3 gliders might generate a few jokes around a police department.  It's no laughing matter to the woman who calls them her babies.

"It tears me up cause I miss them," says Kinsey Diprima.

Diprima says her little sugar gliders were always with her. She'd carry them in a purse, a pocket, and even her bosom.

"In my shirt right there, for 2 years, they told me that was the best place to get them to bond," says Diprima. "They were my babies, I've had them since I was 14."

The little critters fit in your palm.  A marsupial, they like to climb. What has happened to Diprima's almost has her climbing the walls.

"They were, they were a major part of my life," says Diprima.

Part of her life that Diprima says has been ripped from her.

She says a stay in the hospital forced her to leave her three gliders with someone in her boyfriend's family but when she returned she got the news.

"It's tore me up, just horrible how I got told the pit bull ate them," she says.

Diprima says the story didn't fly and she started doing some of her own detective work.

She says a pet shop clerk says someone dropped in, traded a sugar glider for a chinchilla and tried to get rid of two more. That's where detectives come in.  

"Absolutely, it's a theft, a felony over 500 dollars," says Ft. Oglethorpe Police Sgt. Tammy Davis.

Davis had to Google the gliders, she had no idea. Apparently these mousy-squirrel like pets are worth a pretty penny. The police report values the loss at $1,200.

"Like I said they went everywhere with me, I wouldn't in a million years sold them or given them away," says Diprima.

"IT's just like loaning someone your car and they sell it while your in the hospital," says Davis.

Davis admits this is one of the most bizarre cases she's had come across her desk but, like any theft case, they take it seriously.

"I couldn't try to make this stuff up, I wouldn't know where to begin," says Davis.

They're hoping this wild tale ends happily for Diprima.

 "I just hope I get them back and they haven't done something outta cruelty," says Diprima.

Davis says she has 2 to 3 suspects in the case and talking to them she says they claim they've done nothing wrong.  Davis stopped there because it's an open investigation.