CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Fishing at night during the hot summer months offers the opportunity for some excellent fishing and an escape from the day time traffic here on Chickamauga Lake.

Bass will move shallower and become more aggressive when feeding at night than they would during the daytime.

In general, bass will be located in the same areas during the night as they are during the daytime because those areas typically offer the best feeding opportunities and protection.


Fishing Lures

  • Spinnerbaits: Fishing spinnerbaits can be very effective at night. Dark colored baits with a single Colorado blade put off a lot of vibration and seem to work the best. A slow rolling or lift and drop presentation and gives the bass a chance to find your bait
  • Big worms: Worms in the 7" to 10" sizes work well when fish want a slow subtle presentation. The key to fishing worms at night is using darker colors and retrieving it in a slow crawling motion.
  • Jigs: Dark colored jigs with a trailer can produce some huge fish at night. The key is to work it slowly through heavy cover.
  • Topwater Baits: Topwater lures in darker colors such as black will create a lot of disturbance on the surface and will attract the attention of shallow bass. The key to topwater fishing is working your bait around shallow grass or wood.


Fishing Gear

  • Blacklights: These, along with fluorescent line on your reels, will enable you to see your fishing line and tell the location of your fishing lure.
  • Spot light: A high-powered spot light is a must to safely navigate the lake when moving from place to place while fishing. It will enable you to see marker buoys and any other hazards that you can not see in the dark.