CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Family and old school friends have waited 10 days to pay their respects to Darrius Townsend, but ten days haven't made his loss any more bearable. Nor believable.

"When I first heard about it, I was devastated," says Shacara Davis. "That tore me up! I thought it was a joke."

For 16-year-old Davis, Townsend always will be the 'player' after her in middle school.

"We dated, but even when he knew I didn't want him he was chasing me," says Davis.

Townsend wasn't one of Gwendolyn Reynolds' students at Brainerd High School, but she knew she had to come out for him Friday.

"He's a student at Brainerd, so he's like one of my own," says Reynolds.

Mourners would need no greater reason to join her than this; no 17-year-old is supposed to die by anyone's hand.

But Darrius Townsend fell on bullet wounds in his head and back, on Taylor Street June 1st.

"We're still at 'Ground Zero' in trying to work this case," says Chattanooga Police Sgt. Jerri Weary.

Questions that would be obvious elsewhere, have led nowhere.

"We do not have a suspect description, other than a general description given by some people in the area," says Sgt. Weary.

"He was in a neighborhood where he was respected by everybody," says Davis. "It had to be somebody from another neighborhood, in a gang, trying to be cool or something."

Except that, police believe he had no gang ties. They know of no beefs or grudges against him; at least none that they can verify.

They do know that Darius Devontay Pulliam Townsend Sr., had his own little boy.

"And another one on the way," says Davis. "The mother, she's heartbroken."

Reynolds has but one message to his family.

"Stay strong, and send out any message they can to other young men out in the community. To be careful who they are, and who they're with," says Reynolds.

Services for Townsend are at 11:00 AM Saturday at Taylor Funeral Home.

Burial follows at Forest Hills Cemetery.