STEVENSON, JACKSON COUNTY, ALABAMA (WRCB) -- One of the country artists at Saturday's storm relief telethon has a personal interest in this recovery.  The disaster hit close to home for singer Jacob Lyda.  As soon as he heard about Channel 3's telethon, he wanted to help.

"I called Dex at US 101 and said anything I can do to help. He said Channel 3 is putting something together, I said I'm in," says Lyda.

Lyda was set to take the stage in Maryland on April 27th when his dad called from his hometown of Stevenson, Alabama.

"He was tore up, he said we've been blowed away, blowed away, that's what he said. I said what?," says Lyda.

Jacob returned home to his worst nightmare, not just his home but his community was in shambles.

The volunteer work that followed was the silver lining. Lyda said he's never been more proud to be from the tri-state area.

"I just stood back and looked at everybody, people just working, working, working. I said who are these people? it kinda just makes you tear up a bit," said Lyda.

Lyda will do his part Saturday night, playing a free concert during Channel 3's telethon from 7-8.

He'll feature his new single "I'm Doing Alright."  Ironically it's about appreciating the simple things in life.

"Right now, a lot of people, that's all they've got, they're family, hope, their houses are gone," said Lyda.

Stevenson Mayor Ricky Steele says Jacob's doing exactly what anyone from this tight knit community would do if they had his ability.

"He can come with his talents and raise money for people who can't help themselves. It makes me understand deeply that he is what his daddy has raised him," says Steele.

Just like his new single, Lyda said all things considered he is doing alright.