HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- Last Wednesday, an EF-4 tornado ravaged Apison, Tennessee. The damage is extensive. One family caught the funnel cloud on tape in between lightening strikes.

The Steinbacher's thought the worst of the storm had passed. Eighth grader Katie Steinbacher thought it would be a perfect time to test out her new video camera. She thought she was shooting just lightning, but what she ended up with was much worse.

"Mommy there's a tornado," screamed Katie.

At that point Katie shut off the camera and ran for her life. She wasn't just taping lightning, but a massive EF-4 tornado ripping through Apison.

Mom piled under a kitchen table and began to pray.

"I could hear this train sound, and oh my goodness, and I just screamed. I just remember praying out loud, please protect our home, it's your will but please protect us. You just have to have faith," said Becky Steinbacher.

When the dust settled the Steinbacher's had only minor damage, and one heck of a video as proof.

They sat on the ridge less than a quarter mile away from Clonts Road, Alabama Road, and London Lane. All three of those roads were left looking like a war zone.

Katie said, "just seeing all the devastation it's so sad."

Younger sister Carly added, "we could be where they are, or we could be dead."

Carly said she wasn't all that scared, thanks to her faith in God.

Their father Bob said seeing a tornado on TV Is one thing, but in person is different, he wishes that upon no one.

"I feel real fortunate, everyone was praying. The good lord spared us, it wasn't our time. Quarter mile up this hill, and I don't think we'd be here talking to you," said Bob.

The only damage their house took was exterior and it was a section they planned on remodeling in the near future. A trailer in their yard was totaled. The good news, the man living in it, had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. He's fine.