RED BANK, TN (WRCB) -- Janet Roberts looked at an $850 check, supposedly made out to a roofer named Leon Perkins.

It looks misspelled and illegible because Roberts' 90-year-old mother, who suffers medical problems, wrote it.

Roberts said, "We consider that to be way overpriced."

Police will be able to investigate whether "price gouging" happened by comparing other jobs. Roberts wonders whether the roof needed any work to begin with.

The worker completed the $850 job in about 10 minutes, grabbed the check, and headed for the bank

Roberts said she never saw any damage, or the company Perkins worked for.

Roberts said, "Never heard of him, he was not connected to any roofing company as far as I know."

The neighborhood off Ashmore Avenue was virtually untouched by the storm. Looking at this woman's house, the roof has no damage. The question now is why this Leon Perkins visited this house and where is he now?

That's the question Red Bank police are trying to answer.

Detective Dan Knight says after the roof job was done, a series of red flags were raised.

Knight said, "The individual went straight to the bank and cashed the check. We did a little bit of research and can't find anyone in the state with that name."

As for Perkins' driver's license, Knight said the number comes back invalid.

That leaves police with a list questions and Roberts wondering how will replace her mom's money, especially because she is on a fixed income.

Roberts said, "That is not right. We all should be pulling together and helping each other and trying to make things better for those in worse situations."

Police said any kind of work should come with a receipt, worker order, or something validating the work.

They are actively searching for this Leon Perkins.

He hasn't been charged with anything, but police want to know if he's done work for anyone else.