TRENTON, Ga. (WRCB-TV) - Just a stone's throw south of the square in downtown Trenton, Georgia lies a scene of utter devastation. One of Wednesday afternoon's tornados touched down near the intersection of Main and Lafayette and seemed to chew up and spit out everything in its path.

Not a window was left un shattered in Moore Funeral Home and the south end of the building was reduced to rubble. Residents in the Auburn Apartments also took a beating. We met Lisa Rice as she surveyed the damage to her business. She had opened S&L Tans on Main Street just three weeks prior. She and her two daughters, aptly named Stormy and Sky, rode out the storm.

They had ridden out a twister in Rising Fawn back in 1992 by crowding into a bath tub. Once again, Mom had a plan. "We was watching it through the window and started seeing stuff flying around and we had already made plans that if something happened, we were gonna get in the tanning bed."

That is just what they did. The three of them took cover in one tanning bed and pulled down the lid while the building seemed to disintegrate around them. "I kept telling her, 'We're gonna die,'" said Sky.

Rice explained, "well, we just laid there for a few minutes. I kept telling them just to be quiet, it's not over. And the wind kept blowing and then finally it calmed down and we got out and climbed out of the building." They could do that because the back brick wall had been swept away.

Search and rescue operations continue through the night in Trenton, but these three escaped with their lives. And for that, they are thankful. "The whole time we were in there, we were just praising God," Rice said. "Just, 'Hold us and keep us tight.' And we're alive. There's a lot of people that's lost their homes here. We can rebuild if we want to or relocate, but there's a lot of people that lost their homes and their lives."