TUNNEL HILL, WHITFIELD COUNTY (WRCB) - A former Northwest Whitfield High School student has been arrested for making terroristic threats against another student.

Police say a Facebook video of 17-year-old Dillian Jones waiving a pistol and making threatening comments is part of what led to his arrest. 

"He was having a silly rap battle with another boy," says Gennie Perry, Dillian Jones' mother. "It was friendly they were going back and forth." 

But what Jones' mother called friendly didn't go over well with Tunnel Hill Police.

"He says, 'I just ended this rap battle'," Perry says quoting her son's video. "'Now don't go pull a...he says the boy's name...and go tattle.'" 

Perry says she doesn't understand why that was enough for police to make an arrest. 

Jones was taken into custody Wednesday.  He is charged with felony terroristic threats for the video and alleged 'yelling obscenities' outside the home of a Northwest Whitfield High School teacher.

"Dillian and the boy were friends," Perry says. "He got into some trouble with his mom and he claimed it was Dillian's fault." 

That is what Gennie Perry says began an on-going dispute between her son and the teacher.  A dispute that landed Dillian Jones in court before, ending with an agreement that Jones wouldn't have further contact with the teacher's family.  The agreement also stated Jones' would stay out of Whitfield County for 6 months. 

"From what I hear, if anybody crosses her won't stop until she gets them," says Perry of the Northwest High School teacher. 

The mother believes the teacher has a vendetta against her son.  "Finally I have proof," Perry says pointing to a stack of e-mails. "I have proof she is enticing a girl at the school to give her information about my son."

Jones' Facebook video has since been deleted.  The Tunnel Hill Police Officer who filed the report states, "I couldn't understand all the language of the video, but did hear the alleged victim's name." 

Perry says she just wishes the whole thing would go away. 

"We don't want any problems with them," She says of the alleged victim's family.  "We just want to be left alone." 

Jones' mother says the pistol in the Facebook video isn't real. Channel 3 also spoke with the alleged victim's attorney Friday, who stated the video was very disturbing and the alleged victim was afraid to go to school because of the dispute with Jones.

Dillian Jones is still in custody.