CHATSWORTH, MURRAY COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Chatsworth Police are investigating an apparent meth lab explosion that sent one man to the hospital but according to investigators could have much worse even fatal.

"I was laying there and heard a boom and it shook in the apartment I flew outta bed to see what was going on," says Daniel Castro, Eyewitness.

Castro says he was trying to sleep because he works third shift. He lives on the second floor of the Murray Lodge.

"It was like a car bomb going off," says Castro.

What sounded like a car bomb, turned out to be what Police are calling an apparent meth lab explosion, in a lower room at the lodge.

"It was so dangerous an adjacent room was behind it and it blowed the sheet rock off him," says Chatsworth Police Chief Terry Martin.

Chief Martin says this is serious business. He called in investigators to weed through what's left of the apartment, along with the GBI to determine what happened.

"You're talking about children in these apartments," says Martin.

In fact investigators say an infant was living in this apartment but was outside the room at the time.

"I heard the bit explosion and everything and how she don't...the baby was close by...and the blanket shielded it," says Castro.

Investigators say one man came out of the room on fire and another transported him to the hospital. Police say Robert Harris has what seem to be serious injuries and will be transported to a burn unit in August, Georgia.

Castro says the ordeal has his mind spinnning.

"It's kinda scary, you don't know what's gone happen, next where' you're gonna be, boom it could be over," says Castro.

Police say charges are pending for Harris, but Sarah Sisson and Brenda Harris are both charged with manufacturing meth and child endangerment. The baby is in custody of child services.