OOLTEWAH, TN. (WRCB)-- A mysterious death is keeping Chattanooga Crime Investigators busy, after a body is found outside a busy Bi-Lo in Ooltewah.

Officials say a man's body was found inside a pickup truck in the grocery store's parking lot on Lee Highway.

Investigators believe the man's body had been in his car for at least two days.

The area was full with investigators and store employees, who all say the man's death is a mystery.

When Robert Broom and Tina Braiden saw the cracked windows on this gold pickup Friday, they thought it looked strange.

"I bet that truck was stolen or something cause it hadn't been moved," says Broom.

The couple likes to visit the duck pond behind Bi-Lo on their lunch breaks, and when the truck was still there the next day they decided it was time to take a look inside.

"When I walked up to the truck and looked out the window it shocked me and I even jumped back a little bit," says Broom.

What they found was a body, which Chattanooga Police say is that of a white male.

Needless to say, Robert and Tina didn't go back to work.

"I called my manager and told them, I just found a dead body and they thought I was kidding and I said ‘no I'm not making this up'," says Braiden.

The couple called 911 and before long, the secluded section of the parking lot became a crime scene.

Joe Long works in the meat department at Bi-Lo.

"You can ask about anybody who works here, that truck has been sitting here for about two or three weeks," says Long.

But investigators estimate the victim has been dead for two days.

We still don't know how old he was, or how he died.

"His truck said South Carolina on it so we got the impression he was traveling, pulled over, and took a nap," says Braiden.

But for now what really happened remains a mystery.

Robert Broom and Tina Braiden say they just feel bad for the man's family.

"It's going to be sad, but at least he was found before he was too far gone. I mean he could have been sitting out here another two or three weeks," says Broom.

The body was found around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

Police say Crime Scene Unit Investigators will continue to gather evidence, and more information will be released as it becomes available.